Morgan Sessions Photography

In Home Session - $350

I love love love capturing people in their element of comfort. For this particular package, I will do exactly that. During this 1-2 hour session, I will come to your house, spend time in your space with you and your partner capturing the lovely details of your everyday life. Your home is where so many important things happen. You learn and fight and grow and love in this space. I hope to be able to capture all of that during this type of session. You will look back at these photos and remember not only the love you shared, but also all the tiny details of your lives together that made this person your home.




Adventure Session - $650

I am super excited to begin offering what I am calling “Adventure Sessions”! This is a 5 hour entire day experience. We will pick a location and activity (or several) of your choice, something that you and your partner either love to do already or have been wanting to do, and then GO DO IT! :) I will be there to photograph the day in it’s entirety. This is your chance to get creative. I am prepared to trek anywhere you guys decide. This is a perfect session for that couple that wants those truly authentic pictures doing something that you love and loving your person while doing it! In addition to the activity and all the photographs from the day, this package will include a lunch on me (we have to stay fueled!). So let’s meet up for coffee or a drink and figure out what adventures we can go on together :)


Couple's Session - $350

This is a standard couple session, which I LOVE doing. Working with couples is truly one of my favorite parts of this job. We will spend 1-2 hours at a location we decide on together. I will lead and direct you both while capturing authentic and organic moments all along the way, so don’t be afraid of that in front of the camera awkwardness that I know so many people fear.