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Travis + Austin

The sweetest, most gentle couple there ever was!! My wonderful and INCREDIBLY talented friend Angela Nobles asked me last minute to jump in and help out photographing this sunrise wedding. Everything about the morning went flawlessly. The weather, the timing, the location. All perfect.

Brides, even (and especially) if you are planning a small, intimate wedding, it is so worth it to still hire a photographer! In fact, these are often my favorite weddings to photograph. You will not regret the investment and will walk away with memories captured that cannot be duplicated. I would say that one of the largest advantages of having small intimate wedding or elopement is the truly endless creative potential. The three of us can hike somewhere to a location that is more off the beaten path to get those stunning views. You are able to relax without the potentially overwhelming pressure of planning a full wedding day.

It truly frees us up to do anything and everything you envisioned your wedding photos capturing. With that said, if you are planning your wedding and already feeling the stress of the massive details, give me a call and we can chat about an elopement or small wedding options! There IS a perfect fit for you...I want to capture that, whatever it might be! These two are truly a dream! Enjoy these  warm, early, and love filled Austin, TX photos <3

Intimate, nature wedding photography in Austin Texas.
Intimate sunrise wedding at Chapel Dulcinea in Austin Texas.
Moody sunrise wedding photos at Chapel Dulcinea in Austin Texas.
Couple's formals after sunrise wedding at Chapel Dulcinea in Austin Texas.
Intimate moment between newly wed couples at Chapel Dulcinea in Austin Texas.