Morgan Sessions Photography

Kimberly + Aaron

Sometimes the perfect chain of events and relationships collide where you get the opportunity to work with someone who really blesses and makes an impact on your heart. This was that opportunity. Aaron and Kimberly were that couple. I was floored by the grace Kimberly handled the entire day with. She took every piece of bad news with a smile and soft heart. I have never seen someone put so many other people first on HER wedding day! I had to almost demand she sit down and eat! I believe it speaks volumes of who she is and who she will be in her marriage. Her and Aaron compliment each other so well. They have been through the fire and back and it has only refined and strengthened their relationship. I am proud to have documented such a beautiful union <3 Enjoy all the kisses and love in this preview!

Intimate and sweet Austin Hill Country Wedding.
Beautiful and intimate outdoor Austin Texas wedding.
Bride and groom formals at a beautiful outdoor wedding in Austin Texas.
Bridal portraits with the bride and groom at a gorgeous outdoor wedding in Austin Texas.