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Kelsee + Dylan Engagement - Part 1

When I first met Kelsee one of the things she made very clear was that she loved to travel and she wanted cacti in her photos. I am not sure if any of you have been to Southeast TX before, but all signs pointed to traveling because cactus are not something you see in our area! So immediately we began brainstorming where we could adventure to for their photos. We booked our flights, airbnb and to California we went!! Joshua Tree to be exact. Their session could not have been more perfect. Kelsee and Dylan are two of the most fun and laid back people to be around. We had blast just exploring around and finding perfect places to peel off and continue the session. I only had one nasty cactus encounter while trying to take a detail shot of their rings on one. "Anything for the shot" is typically my moto, until I get impaled by a jumping cactus through my foot (skewering my shoe to my foot!). But hey, is it even an adventure if you don't come away with a survival story?! If you are like these two and love to travel/explore/adventure, what are we waiting for? LET'S GO! Here is Day 1 of our California engagement session :)

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