Morgan Sessions Photography


Hey everyone!! I asked.. you responded.. I listened! Couple Summer Minis are now being offered! This is the ideal session for if you have been wanting profession pictures done with your loved one and either can't get them on board for too long, are on a tight budget, or just don't want to MELT away in this insane Texas heat for an hour!! These quick, 20 min sessions will allow us to grab some wonderful and intimate moments at a gorgeous location and then send you on your way! Completely pain free. Time slots will be on a first come, first serve basis. You can reserve your spot by directly contacting me with your preferred time slot, or through the contact page by selecting "Mini Sessions." If you have any questions at all, PLEASE don't hesitate to reach out! I'm so excited to work with all of you!


August 11th - $150

This super fun and wonderfully "Austin" venue has so much character and variety to it's location. In 20 minutes I will make sure that you get a full feel of the stunning glass greenhouse as well as other parts of the property, if you are interested! Each mini session spot at this location is $150 due to the fact that it is not free to shoot on the property, therefore. a portion of the session fee will go to reserving our time there. This is a STEAL if you have ever wanted to shoot here, as a typical session at this location would cost the client the session fee as well as the rental fee of this property on top of it (in the smallest time slot valued at $95).

Time Slots:

Aug 11 - 6p; 6:20p; 6:40p; 7p; 7:20p; 7:40p


August 10th & 11th - $120

This fun, nature-filled location is perfect for a variety of different shots during our mini session! I will be offering sunrise AND sunset spots at this location due to the fact that it can get more crowded in the evening! Grab a morning spot if you want a bit more privacy during our minis! Either way I will make sure it goes smooth and seamless even with the potential of people being around :)

Time Slots:

Aug 10 - 5:30p; 6p; 6:30p; 7p; 7:30p; 8p

Aug 11 - 7:30a; 8a; 8:30a; 9a; 9:30a